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Brio Acrylican

Author: Tubelinus
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Cost: 0 so far, costs will rise to ~50
Categories: Full case

Well my project is just about to get started and the reason it really hasn't got started yet is the lack of money. Once I have nothing better to put my money to I'll start modding this Micro-ATX-case, HP Brio.

I'll Show you how it looked like before it had been touched and my plans for it. The specs of the computer are poor. The components are in my closet now. This is going to be my sister's computer and after I'm ready with this I'm going to mod my own computer.


It looked like this


And it will (hopefully) look someting like this. It will also have a window on its side and neons and/or leds inside it. I'll insert few led fans on it too if I can find a place. I'm not too sure of the color of the frontpanel, but the sidepanels will be just metal covered with lacquer. The picture still lacks the buttons because I have no idea where to put them.


The case is made of metal. I was supposed to mod it at school, but unfortunately the time's out. I do not have tools at home to mod it, so I had to think. So I got the idea, that I'd get rid of that metal case, but save the front panel that is the element the whole project bases on. I will remake the whole case of acryl. I have not decided yet will I throw the side panels away too or will I just mod them to fit a plastic case. This is pretty sad because I used the whole spring at school modding the case, but can't do a thing when time's out and there're no tools at home for finishing the project.

Because of this the project will not be done anytime soon. I'll see where I can find money for few tools and acryl and all the things I'm going to need in this project.

The project was renamed from Brio Ultimate to Brio

To be continued ...

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11.12.2006 15:18 vikinice! that neon looks crazy :D
10.12.2006 00:54 Tubelinusyea, maybe. but in the beginning the window in the front for harddrive and in the sidepanel will do. and then i'll change the place of the power supply's place so what else do you recommand?
06.12.2006 17:29 Xebavery nice, you might want to do something to the rest of the case as well...
21.11.2006 17:57 jokuucool