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CPU fan duct

Author: Errtu
Used time: 10min
Cost: 0
Categories: Single case mods | Cooling

CPU is the hottiest component in the computer. Best way to get your case cooler is to conduct hot air out of it.

For this project I only needed:


My knife and some foam from old HDD box.


First I taked off older fan from back of my case. And cutted the foam in right shape.


New duct installed.

The thing way I use two fans in same cooler is that they are different ones. My Opteron is rated with TDP 110W on full speed and that is a lot. Both fans are blowing right to left and they speeds are 1200rpm on left and 800rpm on right. In idle right one is not running and left one is going something like 500rpm. Bigger the load is faster fans are blowing. Att full load faster fan is going <900rpm.

Edit on project: There was question that is second fan necessary. So I did do some testing.

I did change blowing from in -> out to out -> in. It did lower down couple of dec, but it didn't do anything on rpm's. on idle mode. On load thou rpm's drop just about 50rounds. When I toked right fan out of my case, the reaction was more than I suspected. Idle temps get up for 5°C and load rotations bounced to little less than 1200rpm. The fan was on full speed!

Here is pic from desktop on full load with 2 fans blowing out -> in. Fan rpms are from faster fan.


Funny thing is that Everest takes Suoritin (CPU) temp from... don't know and the Aux is the real CPU temp. I use Orthos for loadin CPU 'cos it can load both cores (unlike CPUBurn).

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19.04.2007 18:28 ErrtuI did some testing. I hope that you can see something on that pic.
20.03.2007 07:57 ErrtuMainly blowing is better way to cooldown HS then suck from it. I will test different ways to cooldown that oven, when I get my packege from coolputer. I think best will be using 1200rpm fan on left side and make it blow in HS. I think idle will settle down near room temperature +2C @400-500rpm. Load will stay in 51C, but fan rpms can drop something like 100 revolutions... hopefully.
16.03.2007 23:24 Jipaare the two fans really necessary? How does it affect to the temperatures if you remove the one bloving in to the HS?
16.03.2007 13:00 BARTMANunfortunatly the cardbox does create resonance ;/ found that myself , at high RPM my 120mm fan creates mild vibrations but for me it is not acceptable ;]
14.03.2007 10:22 ErrtuAt first I was going to make it from the cardboard box itself, but then I found foam plastic wrapping inside of it. Duct is connected to case and fan, so foam reduce resonations, that hard materials like cardboard would create.
12.03.2007 21:23 BARTMANahh i see the whole project now , hmm good job , i also did some mods myself with cardboxes