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external HDD in a DVD-player

Author: mofupo
Used time: 7 h
Cost: 0 Euro
Categories: Peripherals | Other Computer Components


I wanted to have external HDD. So I had a look what was lieing around and I noticed that I had everything to build one.
  • an old ATX PSU
  • an IDE to USB converter
  • an extrem loud HDD (too loud for a pc)
  • a little broken DVD-player
  • a 60 mm fan

While building I changed the PSU and the HDD.

Why spend money to buy a external HDD case? So I take all the former trash in my workshop and start modding.

Time to work
Warning!The inside is a liiittle bit ghetto.

I attached a piece wood on the ground. Then I mount the PSU with a threaded rod
and a cable on it. I mounted the little PCB with wood-screws.

The HDD lies on foam and is attached with elastics. A cheap supension.

Because I don't want my HW to overheat, I cut a hole for a fan in the rear.


I need to build a new bezel for the front, because I ripped the old one off some time ago.
Luckiely I had a spraycan with a nearly similar colour.



Now I have working external HDD and there is enough space for another HDD in the case. The best is that I don't spend a Euro, while building that case.

If you want more picturs, just say it and I will add some more.

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20.03.2008 04:17 Teknoperunarecycling electronics, thats what i like about allthemods:)
08.06.2007 00:34 Fer2007nice, it is huge XD but useful
20.05.2007 02:55 Pascoalta muito fixe mas deve te dar um trabalho do carrasas
05.05.2007 10:35 naake1lol
09.04.2007 01:20 tjustthief might get disappointed when stealing that ;)
06.04.2007 12:09 KNTNice :) With some space arrangements (and a smaller PSU) this could fit a whole RAID array ;)
05.04.2007 22:52 drakminI think this is pretty good idea.
27.03.2007 00:00 jaeaerecycling electronics is always fun, even if it ends up a bit ghetto :)
25.03.2007 22:28 JipaHaha nice! :) A bit large to be an external HDD, but still. Nice project.