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My little server

Author: mofupo
Used time: maybe 25 h
Cost: about 50 Euro
Categories: Full case


One day a friend called my and saw, that he had a lot of computer parts laying around and that he would dispose them if in don't want them. So I go home with a big box filled up with computer parts that day. I sorted all the stuff and noticed that I have enough (working) one to build a computer.

The components:

Pentium II 350 mhz

old Siemens mainboard

2x 64 mb Samsung RAM

WD 80 gb (new)

Matrox VGA

3com nic

Delta PSU 160 watt

The hardware is too weak for a workstation, so I decided to build a server for downloads and ftp/http  servers.


I want a decent design. So I didn't cut a window.
Because my paintjobs are always bad, I polished the case. But the front was made out of platic, so I had to build a new one. I used a piece of Aluminium and framed it with beamless Aluminium.
Because I often go to LAN-Parties I screwed brightly polished handels on the top.

In the side there were a lot of little holes. I thought it would look nice when they are indirectly lit. So I mounted two blue LEDs on the side. Because I need a better angle of radiation, I cut the LEDs' head. I can turn off the light with a switch.

Cooling and silencing

I want an inaudiable server, so that my father can't hear wheater it is on or not. ;-)

The PSU is now cooled by an 120 mm Cooling fan, I use two pieces bare wire to connect the fan to the floppy plug and let the fan run with 5 volt. It generates an airflow which also cools the CPU heat sink and the HDD.


To have a cooler CPU I built a better heat sink. I just screwed one heat sink on an other one.


The HDD generates the most noise, so I damped it. I cut to 15x20 cm large pieces of aluminium. Then I coat it with bitumen.


The box is suspended with elastics. I cut a hole unter the box, so that it get always cold air. The HDD has never got hotter than 40 degree.


Sorry, the pictur is old. I'll take a new one later.


Well, the server is not completly inaudiable, but nearly.
I didn't (want to) spend a lot of money for this projekt. The most expensive part was the HDD.
The components are old but it is enough to manage my data.

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15.06.2009 20:44 Mako26it wont bling too much =D
02.01.2008 16:19 mofupoIt runs xubuntu, before that I used Win2k.
30.12.2007 00:53 NiBaWhat operating system you are using on this?
12.07.2007 11:58 WeZai like these "ghetto" mods :P nice work man :)
10.05.2007 16:28 mofupoI used a orbital sander to remove the paint. Then I sanded it. At the end I polished it. This will help: http://www.metku.net/index.html?path=mods/shinyshuttle/index_eng
09.05.2007 21:47 CurtHow did you get the case that color? Paint stripper? nice case!
04.05.2007 14:54 ScaleoVery nice, but your track is the funest!
03.05.2007 21:35 naake1Good Job!
03.05.2007 19:37 JapalaPile of very basic mods but I believe this clearly shows how "ghetto modding" can give nice results.