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Modified ammo for blowpipe

Author: Japala
Used time: couple of seconds
Cost: 0 e
Categories: Other Hobbies or sports

Happened to find these photos and decided to write about it. So, ever since I was a boy I used to play with a blowpipe. Plain rowanberries were not enough so I added a handy thorn from a bush... I'm not sure what it is called but they are pretty commong here in Finland and people usually line their lot boundaries with them.

So, to start you need to have one berry and one thorn...

Push the thorn through the berry to form the projectile.

Insert the projectile inside the blowpipe. The pipe I'm using here is from a clothes hanger and they are just perfect for the job.

As you can see, the thorn really sticks to the wood when hit. Berry alone is quite painful when you got hit but imagine what this new upgraded model will feel like. ;)

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15.04.2008 06:52 srloll3rNext thing you do could be showing us how to build our very own shotguns using only materials that anyone can get :D
15.04.2008 01:14 HochramTry paper cones with nails using a pvc tube....cheap and cool lol, I passed a few hours shooting red fruits similar to these, the cool thing is that if you shoot it towards a wall they leaves a red spot on it and the core bounces back perfectly clear :D
15.04.2008 01:02 ryanarmstrongcool going to do this
01.07.2007 21:42 OzKu1Tämähän on aivan loistava idea :D
20.06.2007 11:41 Yoshisitten vielä sopiva rihlaus piippuun niin saadaan marja pyörimään piikin akselilla ja siten lentämään suorempaan ;)
12.06.2007 10:49 potkisGood idea ;)
11.06.2007 22:00 OlliGreat "work" :D
11.06.2007 15:08 pctonvielä koiranputki henkarin orren tilalle niin bioterroristin ase on valmis ;D
10.06.2007 22:00 Xeba....ja piikit tehdään teräksestä ja marjan tilalla on tietenkin itsesyttyvä napalm-ammus.......jep se siitä...xD
10.06.2007 19:04 YoshiSitten vielä lisätään CO2 patruuna tuohon ja pieni venttiili ja ammutaan piikki taas hieman syvemmälle. Sitten kun kyllästytään tähänkin niin asennetaan lipas ja ammutaan sarjatulta.
10.06.2007 15:09 mofupoJeeaah, that is nice idea!
10.06.2007 12:43 vikiHyvä kuvanlaatu kuvissa ja hyvä keksintö :)
10.06.2007 02:22 Fer2007good weapon for defense
09.06.2007 22:56 TinopoikaNice!