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Home made USB-enclosure

Author: pcton
Used time:
Cost: around 20 euros
Categories: Peripherals | Other Computer Components

So here is the the plan...
This isn't the same case but you get the idea.
Front panels uses original clips to attaching. Clips are on the top and bottom so I cut the good parts from the panel.

I don't have pictures from cutting and stuff, sorry...
This is where I plase my HUB. On the hub, top left is wire from the front panel led. Hub stands on mobo holder pile.
First two usb-cables go to MSI mobo's rear panel usb-thing (the one with diagnostic leds). I.have done some modding to those cables so the are two A-male usb connectors on those cables now (internal connections, external connectors).
Next two cables are from the usb-ide adapters. The other one is with serial-ata support, also causes that pata devices must be on master-mode. That one is currently plugget to a DVD-rom.
Here is another pic from inside.
So the are 4 leds on the front panel (msi's usb&led -thing) but I'm currently using only one of those leds.
...and the PSU is always-on mode ;-)
5.25" IDE Swap bay for 3.5" PATA drive (there's the swap case on top left)
5.25" IDE DVD-Rom
5.25" iron plate from FS server with MSI's rear panel usb-thingalt
...and here's the ass :D
nise and clean, only AT-PSU (with passtru, cool) and usb B-female connector

This baby is 5 meters away from my PC. Very silent, very compact!

BTW, theese pics are taken by Sony PS2 EYETOY...
yes, I know, I need to get better cam ;-)

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19.08.2008 01:17 pete21nice work !!!!!!!!!!nice idea
19.08.2008 00:29 addyteddycool !! i will try this one :)
06.02.2008 17:49 Honzagood idea very well
19.07.2007 03:21 PullaUazMankappas, tuollahan lukeekin että poweri on aina päällä-moodissa... ihmettelinkin kun ei virtakatkaisijaa näkynyt missään järkevässä paikassa =D
18.07.2007 17:08 neefritGood mob. Looks very nice.
18.07.2007 12:01 pctonniin ja toki etupaneeli on jatkettu myös; pikaliimaa, pari tukea ja muovikittiä
18.07.2007 12:00 pctonhevinalle - ainut näkyvä sauma on takana. siinä on sellainen pykälä ja muovikittiä päällä, ei mitenkään siisti mutta onpahan takana piilossa
14.07.2007 14:48 hevinallemiten sä iskit nua puolikkaat yhtee nii ettei jääny leikkuu kohta näkyvii?
10.07.2007 16:23 pctonPullaUazMan - sielä sisällä kytkin lojuu, onneksi on jotenkin suojatut abiko-liittimet kun täysi 230V johdoissa seikkailee
09.07.2007 10:19 varvaznyt pitäis tiedostot siirtyä vikkelään ;D
08.07.2007 06:03 PullaUazManmissä tuon virtakatkaisija on? todella hyvä idea, tiedä vaikka itsekin toteuttaisi joskus kun sattuu turhia koteloita varastoon :)
01.07.2007 12:51 JapalaVery well done. Looks like a factory made piece. :)
30.06.2007 19:45 hankalaI like the idea, might even wanna do one of my own after seeing this
30.06.2007 10:00 PexisKunextremely good ware box, nice work
29.06.2007 23:14 akeeh5 from me too, good idea and neatly done.
29.06.2007 23:13 novaadastraI agree with Jipa very cool I have a couple of old boxs that would fit the bill! Keep it up
29.06.2007 23:10 JipaVery nice project, props from the recycling as well!