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Fusion AA

Author: Richi
Used time: lost count of hours
Cost: plenty of sweat
Categories: Full case | Single case mods


Hi all and welcome to the Mod Fusion AA, before we begin let me tell you about the idea behind this mod. One of xtremes members of staff (Archer) is talented when it comes to art and quite a while ago created some of the best hand etches I have seen in some time.

While I was pondering on ideas AMD went all out and bought ATi, which sort of decided the mod idea for me, A AMD and ATi inspired design was the way to go and we wanted to be sure it represented the fusion of AMD and ATi, hence the name of the mod FUSION AA!

The idea was born and it was just a case of deciding what case route to go down, when Archer suggested we use a UV case so a full size etch could be done, we tried in vain to get a new UV case from one of the few manufactures that still offer them, but it was a no go,  Oh dear… then it hit me, we still have an old one with quite and old etch, so a quick email was sent to none other than A.C Ryan of course to ask if they would be interested in sponsoring Fusion AA by supplying some panels.

Once we had confirmed we could get these in the plan begun and it was time to source out the hardware for the project so here is a list of what we managed to get


1x AMD BlackEdition 5000+
1x MSI K9A platinum Motherboard
1x ATI 2900XT 512
1x OCZ Reapers 8500
1x OCZ ModXstream 780w PSU
1x WD RaptorX 150GB
1x WD Caviar SE16 320GB
1x Pioneer BDC-S02BK (blue ray combi)


2x Black ICE stealth GT II 120
2x XSPC X20 compact 400 Pumps
1x XSPC Delta CPU block
1x EK-FCR600 CF - Acetal (full cover GPU block)
1x Fesser one UV acid green mix
1x Fesser one UV blood red mix

Modding parts

2x ACRYAN 5mm thick UV green Acrylpanel
1x ACRYAN 3mm thick Black tint Acrylpanel
2x ACRYAN 120mm Red blackfire 4 fans
1x ACRYAN 80mm Red Blackfire 4 Fan
2x ACRYAN 120mm RadGrille grills
2x ACRYAN FlexiSleeve UV green braiding Kits
4x ACRYAN Twin UV overboost CCFL packs

As you can see there is a lot for us to work with so stay tuned for the next update  :D