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Age: 29
Location: Jokioinen

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Author: WeZa
Used time: 10h+testing ;)
Cost: ~40
Categories: Cooling | Peripherals | Handicrafts

I'm happy with the result, anyhow it's not so handy because the weigh and size.
Here is some list of the parts I used:

-Peltier element: 10€ (thanks to the Yoshi ;)
-Aluminum cube: 20€  (lathing, priceless)
-PSU: Have it already so it was "free" :p
-AMD boxed cooler: I had one spare so this was free also
-2x 80mm case fan: (15€?) These were also spare, so free to me.
-Electric switch: 3,5€ @ Autoasi Forssa
-Wooden case materials, 0€ (thanks to Paana's jr high :)
-Time, you just can't buy it..

I'd like some comments too :p

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12.04.2009 13:23 FordyGuys.. lighten up. The can must be cool because thats the point of the project!
01.03.2008 22:10 Voryonwondering the same =P my can is usually empty before it gets warm, and got like 4-5 steps to the fridge :P
01.03.2008 21:54 pAbnWhy the can must be cool? :P
01.03.2008 21:31 WeZakeep the can cool longer?
29.02.2008 06:45 pAbnMmmmmh.. What's the point in that aluminum cube :/
11.02.2008 17:01 WeZaI think I try that today :P
11.02.2008 16:32 JipaHave you tried putting some water on the hole? That might help with the contact..
11.02.2008 15:38 WeZa~15min to cool down a 33cl can, but the hole is little too big so I but some folio around can, bit ghetto but no can do :D it needs more insulation there, no only 6 degrees :/
10.02.2008 22:55 laurilrTell some results :O Temps etc.?
10.02.2008 21:49 Zyrppais the bottom of the aluminium cube domed? would it cool faster if you put some water in that cube?
08.02.2008 20:42 WeZaPSU has not enough power.. :/ maybe I make a little brother to this monster :D
08.02.2008 20:35 BroidiXyep, maybe there would be more those aluminum cubes?
08.02.2008 19:57 ScaleoNice. I like this, but wooden case is over big :S