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Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Dragon Eggs

Author: Japala
Used time: 1 hour
Cost: Around 8 euros to paints
Categories: Handicrafts

Idea here is to make a bit different easter egg. Up till now I've normally just painted to eggs with watercolors but let us try something more creative. I can't take credit for the idea, so thank you dadcando.

1. Step - empty the egg


Start by making a hole to the top and bottom end of the egg. I used a sharp knife and rotated it around until I got a good sized holes. One can use a needle or a toothpick too. Insert for example a toothpick through the bottom hole and stir around the egg to make the inside more liquid.

Force the content out by blowing in through the top hole. Be careful not to hold the egg too hard or it will break.

2. Step - Glue on the straws


To make it easier to handle the eggs, glue on couple of straws. After you have modded the eggs, you can either cut them off or leave them on and use them as mounting stands.

3. Step - Hot glue


Use a hot glue gun to apply a nice alien/dragon eggshell pattern on top of the egg. You can let you imagine take over and make the cracks as dramatic as you wish.

4. Step - base paint


To give some color the the shells I used regular spray paints. Just follow the painting instuctions on the can label. Just make sure there are no greasy fingerprints on the eggshells before you paint them.


Matt black turned out great. Also the gold and Chrome ones look interesting...