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DIY: Plexi case

Author: s0lid
Used time: 8h
Cost: 13Ä (including all used plexi)
Categories: Full case


I've long planned making a full plexi case by myself well now i have enought time and ardor to finish this :)
This project was started orig at 2007 fall and let's see how long this can take.

Case size:
57cmH x 47cmD x 20cmW

Stuff coming:

CPU:Xeon 3210
Mobo: Asus P5K3 DLX
Mem G.Skill 1066MHz DDR3
Gpu: HD2900 Pro
HDD: 2HDDS going to Thermaltake ICage

1. loop
Apogee GT
L30 + res
-30c Waterchiller (under construction, ready soon)
10/13mm silicon tubing + insulation

NB Block
GPU block - Zalman ZM-GWB3
360mm unknown rad
Some 12v pump + res
10/13 silicon tubing

Type of used plexi:
5-6mm Polycarbonate


Pitkän aikaa olen harkinnut pleksi kotelon tekoa ite ja nyt vasta mulla on aikaa ja innostusta tehä tää loppuu :)
Projun teko alkoi vuoden 2007 syksyllä ja kattotaas kuin kauan täs viel menee.

Kotelon koko:
57cmK x 47cmS x 20cmL

Roinaa tulos:

CPU:Xeon 3210
Mobo: Asus P5K3 DLX
Mem G.Skill 1066MHz DDR3
Gpu: HD2900 Pro
HDD: 2HDDS going to Thermaltake ICage

1. looppi
Apogee GT
L30 + res
-30c Waterchiller
10/13mm silikoni letkua + eristeet

2. looppi
NB Blokki
GPU blokki - Zalman ZM-GWB3
360mm lauhdutin
Joku12v pump + res
10/13 silikoni letkua

Pleksin tyyppi:
5-6mm Polykarboniitti


Part assembling with old MSI mobo and random stuff. Side panel too large at this picture.

Mobos mounting system


5 & 1/4" racks parts cutted ready and top too :)


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27.12.2008 22:19 Caineupload them to: http://photobucket.com/ it roxxx :P
19.06.2008 14:47 s0lidaijaa.com did it again....
19.06.2008 12:48 anthonyNo pics?
15.05.2008 20:21 s0lidlitlte... ffs that aijaa.com! it deletes pics after couple weeks :(
15.05.2008 19:02 pAbnany progression? :)
05.04.2008 10:52 sepohope you got some idea for wires :P
31.03.2008 14:17 s0lidWill add pics today :) Some little progress done.
27.03.2008 21:09 Have fun cleaning the dust and fingerprints from the finished case
27.03.2008 17:18 s0lidPhff... bottom done, mobo tray has now mountings drilled and cutted little smaller and 1st sidepanel is cutted ready. Will add pics later
27.03.2008 16:50 PullaUazManoh, sorry. my bad.
27.03.2008 16:48 akeehLook closely, it is said in the text.
27.03.2008 16:46 PullaUazManhow thick is that plexi what you use?
27.03.2008 14:56 s0lidBoth tasks done, now i go back working with plexi.
27.03.2008 14:49 s0lidOh, Good point :) I picked these from my XS work log...
27.03.2008 14:49 YoshiAfter that, upload one of the pictures to here and highlight image for the project..
27.03.2008 14:45 akeehResize the width of the photos below 800 pixels so they don't break the page layout. Best option is to stick with the width of 640 pixels.
27.03.2008 14:43 s0lidOh sry, didn't realise that. I'm using 8/1 connection so yes it might take a while if usin slower connection. But back to work :)
27.03.2008 14:42 tOukoooWell, it takes so long to load them. but nvm.
27.03.2008 14:40 s0lidYes? That is sum kinda problem?
27.03.2008 14:39 tOukoooPic's are too big.