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Age: 29
Location: vesilahti

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my amplifier box of high sounds

Author: pertti85
Used time: 3h
Cost: 0

my amplifier box of high sounds looks so ugly. so, I started mod.

I took some dry twings from forest and hot setting adhesive.
Now it can maybe looks little better. it doesen't drop eny rubbish becose I varnished (lakkasin) it

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28.08.2008 14:54 rippethat looks like a headgehog =D u should have painted it first and the those sticks
20.08.2008 16:49 pctonwhy not make hole pc with that awesome look? </sarcasm>
10.08.2008 13:10 pertti85just wood from forest.
10.08.2008 07:11 GuitarockerkIs that pretzel sticks on it? =)
26.07.2008 03:04 Tubelinusit looked ugly but you only made it worse :( a new wooden cover would have done the job!
26.07.2008 01:14 verrulol:D
24.07.2008 20:29 Heikki63Nice :D
18.07.2008 23:14 pAbnIt reminds hedgehog...somehow
18.07.2008 20:44 potkisnice :D
18.07.2008 13:31 ZseLotHNice idea... :D
15.07.2008 13:55 pertti85no. that amplifier is from old normal computer speakers.
15.07.2008 11:52 HaoKiDo you have any pictures of the original thing...?