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Piano keyboard

Author: petex
Used time: a few days
Cost: about 15e
Categories: Keyboards | Musical instrument | Electronics

One day I tried FL Studio (music making software) and after that I had to get a midi keyboard. But because I prefer do-it-yourself -things and the ordinady midi synthesizer wouldn't fit to my room, I get an idea to make my own mini "midi" keyboard.

Most of music making programs you can play the notes with ordinary keyboard (at least with virtual midi emulator, example Bome's Mouse Keyboard). So I stripped the keyboard, solved the wire arrange with multimeter and connected the micro swithces to keyboards pcb. Basically that works like any keyboard, you can type with it when not using a piano keyboard software but maybe the typing is a bit easier with normal keyboard ;)

I got a cheap synthesizer from flea market (about 10e), some micro switches from Kouluelektroniikka and the keyboard is sponsored by my school.

    alt        alt
The synthesizer as original and after a little processing with ironsaw and glue.

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    Every needed keys and its wires spotted with multimeter and wires connected to keyboards pcb. Each key connects
    one point from left side (yellow wires) and one point from right side (old floppy disk cable). To be assured, I put about
    30 ohm resistor to every yellow wire because the original keyboard film had also some resistance.

    Then every micro switches screwed to the plastic bar witch I get from the left over part of piano keys.

Then I glued that bar on those holes that piano keys will press the buttons when pressed. I had to glue some places of cardboard between switches and piano keys because the distance between them were too long.