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Project: Seawolf

Author: Javerh
Used time: 1 month and counting
Cost: A lot!
Categories: Full case

That's where I'm going at the moment. More to come soon!

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10.03.2010 08:24 Magiuswaiting for updates on bit-tech thread :P
17.03.2009 23:36 HaoKiCheck the thread on bit-tech... :)
17.03.2009 22:40 YarikoAny progress lately? :)
04.03.2009 04:27 redstaromg this is amazing, great job
28.02.2009 19:05 ThomasKetchupGreate things! Wish U very good luck and to finish soon!
23.02.2009 13:37 zaketusOne pic tells more than thousand words.... Thousand pics tell more than *system owerflow* words :) Looking great so far.
23.02.2009 11:33 HaoKiHeh... Give the man some time. Writing up all the comments for all of these pictures takes a while :)
23.02.2009 10:24 only pictures.. :/
22.02.2009 19:40 jumatuseTell us more about this. :o
22.02.2009 18:25 JaverhThat log of cheese is 2kg of teflon. The pieces will be the reservoir.
22.02.2009 17:38 Hene987Maybe the water tank?
22.02.2009 17:21 alfonsBut what is that huge log of cheese or something..??? plastic? and what is it for?
22.02.2009 17:19 alfonsno.. I think that the spray needs 20-25C temp to work properly, pressure wont raise that much.
22.02.2009 16:52 HaoKiIts probably warm water which heats the can up so that it gets better pressure... You get a finer spray that way.
22.02.2009 14:12 YarikoLooks pretty damn cool so far, just one stupid question... Why was the spray-can on water?
22.02.2009 14:05 MasseNice lathe you have! Please select highligh image also :)
22.02.2009 13:03 EeroWoah looks awesome! I will be checking this out ;)