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ATI Radeon 9200SE coolermod

Author: Jiikax
Used time: Couple hours?
Cost: 0e
Categories: Cooling

I saw Yoshi's cooler mod and thould that maybe I could do that mod to my ATI 9200 SE. I had old AMD Stock cooler in drawer and I took 9200's own cooler off and it was almost perfect for it. I only had cut off ~1cm off from from its side with dremel.

9200 SE before.

Size comparison. Old cooler looks big here, but really it isnt :(

Old heatsink didn't touch memories, so I cut old heatsink in pieces and made own heatsink for memories, even memories arent hot at all.

9200 SE now. Heatsinks are attached very careful with cable ties which glow in uv-light ;) Sry about pic, I realized just now when I write this, that this is only pic of new cooler and gpu is already attached to the pc :(

And sorry guys, I dont have any before orĀ  after temperatures, cause that pc which has this, is kinda weird and I cant see temps even from the processor. But before this mod, I couldn't use resolution 1920x1200 cause it blinked so much (display said no signal every second second), but now I can use that resolution without blinkin and I feel with my fingers that heatsink is MUCH colder than before, so this was good mod =) And unfortunately we don't see any overclocking here, cause this computer is only in desktop use :)

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27.08.2009 17:28 JiikaxInfact, I dont know its manufacter :D Just bought it from friend with 10 euros :)
27.08.2009 14:20 arttu666I had this card. Is this Asus too? I couldn't play anything with it. It kept crashing vith the "vpu recovered" mesasge. installed AfterMarket cooling and it ran over 100% oc without sight of crashing :D Those coolings were seriously undersized. @benah ur 9600xt sapphire? i've changed aftermarketcooling to 1 sapphire 9600xt cuz of broken bearing of the card
21.08.2009 19:29 BenaHOk, I'll think about the idea of foing a cooler of my own. I'm at the garage testing ubunty on this old computer and it has been on for about 15 minutes and my fingers burned a little when I touched it.
20.08.2009 17:58 JiikaxThermal paste of course :)
20.08.2009 17:23 BenaHWell, I have a Athlon 64 3200+, 1gt DDR and 9600 XT and it's fan is jammed, so it gets really, really hot. And the cooler isn't much bigger than a 2 euro coin in diameter and 1-1.5 cm thick. I have thought that I make a passive cooler from aluminium, because almost any cooler is better than the stock one. EDIT: Did you use thermal paste or just sticked that on?