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Mobira Talkman 510

Author: mjkoskinen
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Cost: about 120 euro
Categories: Single case mods | Other Computer Components | Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

Mobira Talkman modding for HTPC.

I read article in MetkuMods some time ago, and decided to make similar project.

It was not a must for me that the modified phone would need to have been exactly the same model, but it just happened so. There were not so many choices available, and basically it finally was only matter what I managed to got in my hands first. So here is what where we start:


The plan is very same as in MetkuMods modification. Main difference is perhaps that I want to make the phone keyboard working as much as possible also. I would also like that the small LCD would be informative, eg. for VoIP/Skype usage. The plan is basically take some USB VoIP phone, and try to fit the parts inside, and use LCD from this phone. eBay I have found models that might be suitable for the job for about 20 euro (like below picture):


For the mainboard I planned to use 1st Mini ITX (17x17cm), but that is way too big to fit in. So my choices are narrowed to 3,5" boards about 14x10cm (like in MetkuMods, eg. Commell), Nano ITX 12x12cm or Pico ITX 10x7,2cm mainboards. from these the only one that would allow me to keep original battery also, is Pico ITX. With every other choice I need to use the space from battery pack at least partly for mainboard.

The minor advantage of Pico ITX and keeping battery, would be possibility to use the phone in VoIP calls like it was used NMT calls before. For internet connection a 3G USB stick would do the job. For this reason I would like to keep the battery pack also. The efficient using time with battery I cannot say much at the moment.

15.09.2009 VIA published new
Pico ITX Epia P720 mainboard, that would be passive cooled, should be powerfull enough to show 1080p HD video and it would include HDMI already. Other option would be eg. Kontron pITX-SP with Atom Z5xx CPU that would be available about 250-300euro.

Update 26.01.2010:

I think I will go to Pico ITX Via EPIA P720 mentioned above. It costs about 220-230 euros, but it is capable to 1080p HD video and I also like that it is passive cooled. I also bought some weeks ago Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ, where I changed 2 x 2Gb DDR2, leaving me the original 1 x 1Gb and 1 x 2Gb DD5 800Mhz RAM modules. I already sold the 2Gb one, but I luckily left the 1Gb for me still. I could use that for the project. The laptop also had also a Hitachi 320Gb 2,5" SATA disk, that I changed to OCZ Vertex 64Gb SSD. If that is not too big to fit inside, I might think about that as a HDD for the project.

After looking some USB phones in eBay, I also came to this simple (but with LCD) Toshiba model, that could too the job with about cost of 8-9 euros.


I also have two 3G USB "modems", one that came with a pre-paid card in Finalnd and another one that I came with the pre-paid card here in Germany. I propably don't want to destroy the cover of those, but need to check if there would be possibility to include it inside. It should be possible as the PICO ITX mainboard size should leave me plenty of space. Then I would have a possibility to connect via 3G to internet more freele everywhere, making the Skype phone part more usable.

And I am still planning to keep the original old batterie as power source also...to have portability of the device later.