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Custom guitar carry case

Author: GynZi
Used time: 4 days
Cost: 70e
Categories: Handicrafts | Musical instrument

Guitar carry case

I've had my guitar for over a year now, and still haven't bought a case for it, instead i've been carrying it around in the cardboard box i got it in. Now i got some plywood from my mother-in-law-candidate, bought some 15x15mm wood, white leather and black velvet, and started building a guitar case.

I didn't take pictures during the process, since my camera batteries ran empty and i forgot to charge them.

Immediately after putting the leather on

And after putting the velvet inside:

(I did put it a little neater later)

Later, I decided to emboss a little logo in the leather:

And that's about it. It cost me a little less than buying one would've cost, so no financial success here. But at least I got an unique case, that is just like i want it.

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15.10.2009 21:51 Voryonwho cares of the financial success, this case is awesome =) wery nice job with the emboss and all