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Ghettoblaster v2.0

Author: kuppazki
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Categories: Home appliances | Home entertainment | Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

This is to be total portable ghettoblaster for mainly that ipod in the picture. I've already ripped the nonworking cassettedeck apart and modified the input wires and routed them to a 3,5mm input i glued inside the batteryholder. The input activates by pushing play on the cassette buttons.

In my plans i am going to make room for the ipod inside the cassette deck so it goes inside the lid and can be operated from there. Also i was planning to include an batteryholder so the whole thing could be powered by rechargeable AA batteries. Few leds inside the radio dial would be nice too. Any nice ideas?

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24.06.2010 11:09 kuppazkiI think i havent visited Tampere for about 5 years. someone has stolen my blaster?!
23.06.2010 23:03 drakminDid I see this today at Tampere?
19.03.2010 11:40 VirusaBeautiful :)
18.03.2010 14:20 kuppazkiJust ripped them from the tape head and tested the channels
17.03.2010 11:46 teo23how exactly you modify the input wires??? i want do the same with mine thx
12.03.2010 10:30 kuppazkithe grille is 12,5cm so that makes 5 inches. still wondering what parts to use, has to be cheap :(
11.03.2010 22:10 drakminhm when comparing to that cassette deck might be more like 4" in size :D
11.03.2010 22:10 drakminwhat is the size of the drivers, would 5,25" or 6,5" drivers fit?
03.02.2010 23:18 kuppazkithis is already so light that a little extra weight wouldnt hurt. but fiberglass isn't a bad idea. i dont mind carrying heavy stuff anyways thou
03.02.2010 22:43 drakminand do some bracing to make it more rigid
03.02.2010 22:43 drakminDon't cover it with anything heavy. Keep it light since it's mobile. Maybe fiberglass or resin?
02.02.2010 02:43 kuppazkiI am considering to rip all the crap out of it and replacing them with a little nicer sounding stuff and also to coat the insides with something heavy to prevent it from resonating. We´ll see once i have some extra money!
01.02.2010 21:13 drakmintry updating the drivers :D maybe some cheap tangbands!
16.01.2010 19:28 kuppazkicurrently i have no parts to start working on this until i get around ordering some. damnit! I'm bored as hell!
16.01.2010 15:57 worderrorawesome !!1