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Old School Dell Mod

Author: Bigfunk
Used time: days so far
Cost: case free, just starting
Categories: Full case


 BIO - My name is Brandon, I'm new to building computers but have done plenty of research and am studying for the CompTIA and would like to be a computer technician or work in any field that involves computers. I have put together two computers so far, the first one I purchased an ATX case and then started off with NVIDIA nForce 750i Mobo, after that I decided to purchase an Alien-ware case and move all the components to that case witch is the PC I am currently using.


 The Dell Mod
I call it the Dell Mod because it's my first actual computer mod I'm doing, I had a spare old Dell PC laying around it still worked but obviously outdated, I still have all the "guts" stored in a box and may find some use for them later. I am low on money so it will be a slow process but I have done my research and have started ordering all the tools and supplies neccesary to start modding computers,  I also bought a nice tool kit for working on the internal parts such as the Mobo and so on. So, as of now I just got my dremel and cut out a top window, got most of it all sanded but some one said it would be better to sand it to bare metal so I'll take his word for it, I have a few drawings of what I plan on doing to it but I will be adding pictures as I go so you can see how I do. If you have any tips or ideas please feel free to inform me, like I said I'm new to modding and someone more experianced modding PCs with tips would be great, other then that I hope you enjoy seeing the process as I slowly put this together. It would be nice if I had a work bench but I gotta start somewhere haha!

Here are some pics
alt        alt        alt

     alt                    alt
 Once I get more done I'll list the all the components that will be going into this case,
I will also list everything in detail that I plan on doing to this PC.

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04.03.2010 00:33 BuilderiGood luck with your project ! :)