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Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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CNC Clamp

Author: Japala
Used time: 3 hours
Cost: ~2 euros
Categories: Tools

One piece ready for some sanding...

All the pieces finished. The quality isn't that great but these will work amazingly well in the use they were meant for.

Finished and posing

The whole process too me around 3 hours... Should have I known this beforehand I believe I would have just cut these out from 9 mm birch plywood. :)

Hopefully you'll find this little project useful. There are a lot of ways to improve these clamps, for example by thinning out the "nose" of the clamp so it can be placed even closer to the work surface. Please, share your experinces with us if you even end up making some of these for your own use.


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13.04.2011 23:20 JohnEdwardI'll just leave this here... http://koti.mbnet.fi/johnedwa/misc/japala_the_cook.PNG
13.04.2011 21:12 JapalaHehe, and I didn't even photoshop the image. ;)
13.04.2011 11:21 ErrtuSimple and smart.. thats how everything should be. Have you lost some weight there since early years of ATM? Looking good m8!
11.04.2011 16:01 JapalaI was originally planning on making and using those stepped blocks to raise up the other end but this keeps everything as "one piece". :)
11.04.2011 11:49 JaverhHand sawing metals is a pain. Nice idea with the bolt at the rear end.
10.04.2011 20:41 YarikoNice and simple, but no blue leds? :(