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Emergency lights with Teensy and addressable leds

Author: Japala
Used time: 2h
Cost: 40 dollars
Categories: Electronics

Emergency vehicles have cool lighting and I wanted something similar for my 1:10 RC buggy. I had a Teensy 2.0 USB microcontroller board and some addressable leds from Bliptronics to use and there is the result...

How to do this?!


The schematic is quite straight forward but I had some difficulties to get the SPI pins to work. Nothing hard but something that I needed to pick up again after not using them for some time in my projects...

You can chain as many leds as you need together. The manufacturer states that you should add a power supply again every N-number of leds but for five leds that I used in this project, the VCC pin from the Teensy worked just fine.