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Author: Yariko
Used time: Billions of hours
Cost: Not enough (Estimated 500€)
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Hello there my little fellas, after years of moaning at #metku.net IRC-channel, I actually started building this project, plans changed many times due the tips I got, or things I discovered myself to be pretty neat, and I'm glad for that happening because the first plans just were stupid and very impractical, and had really no place for the PC-hardware.

So when I started having the final plans on my head, it was pretty clear that it must have place for PC-hardware, and dual monitor stand, and rather good placement for speakers (reason for only two screens). So basicly I stole the idea to use plywood from drakmin as I liked the look of it very much after it was finished with dark wax/lacquer/varnish, and neither it isn't bad looking with the orginal tone (So I might mix the two). I also stole the idea to make a cube-shaped extension for the table, thou' here I had to improve the idea little bit, and I'm going to stuff a sixteen unit (16U) rack inside, to house all the PC-hardware. And no, I'm not going to use Leca-bricks as table's feets.

So here is the plan I made with Google SketchUp:

As you might notice the door is not sealed on the cube, there is about ~13mm space around the door, to let the air flow in (and the back will be open for exhaust air). Also there is ridiculous ammounts of space on table surface, we'll see how long I can keep it neat and clear. Speakers I'm getting are Genelec 8020b:s propably, and I would want to have some kind of tips what kind of stands should I make for them, I was thinking some kind of aluminium square-profile bars, but I started to think that they might get some nasty sci-fi-harmonic-vibrations if they are not sturdy enough, maybe somekind of plywood stands?

So to get the things going'n'flying, I was pressured to go buy plywood and start the project and not just be lazy and dream about it. My initial plans were to get 30mm birch-plywood but as there was none, I had to change the measurements little bit and go for the 24mm birch-plywood.

So I got bunch of that stuff (pre cutted):

And I also got too much left-overs (Not in the picture), propably going to use most of it to build subwoofer, and maybe some kind of stands for the speakers to get them higher, and off the table surface.

So from here it was just all about starting working, drawing lines and mark places for few holes and start drilling to get started. Of course you can't build anything if you don't have any propper music to listen while doing your job!

So I listened lil' bit GQ and got my iPod all dirty (the speaker on this thing is pretty good when listening in garage, I was amazed!)

So I was basicly gonna hold this thing together with glue and wooden pins/studs (don't know if that is the correct word). So I had to align the holes and also drill rather straight holes. The alignment was actually easier than I was expecting (well ofc' it's easy with right tools), I used alignment pins, so first you basicly drill bunch of holes to the A-piece, and then you throw the pins in the holes like so:

Then you take the B-piece and press it where it should be and the pins will make marks which are aligned with the A-piece so they'll fit together, that is wonderful!

So to get to the hardest part so far, drilling... It was pretty easy on the horizontal pieces, as I just laid the piece on the work table and drilled about 15mm deep holes.

But when I had to make the holes for the vertical pieces it get bit tricky as I found it hard to drill straight if I had to drill horizontaly, like this ----- so I decided to make this awesome mounting system to drill verticaly, like this | ! (Notice the extra weight added to the work table so it dosen't tip over, 24mm birch-plywood is bit heavy, yes)

So now it was pretty easy to drill vertically:

As you can notice I used this special stopper on the drill bit to get the exact depth to the holes, closer look:

So with great skills on craftmanship (not) and with the power of Going Quantum podcast, I was able to get bunch of holes aligned, and so on, few pictures from the process

Holes, lots of holes:

And rather straight lines! \o/

And finally the stage where the project is now, held together with few studs/pins to see how it looks and everything fits alright!

Now I just have to cut one more sheet of plywood to correct lenght (the one which will go horizontaly to divide the smaller compartment into two different compartments) and then it will be ready to be glued up and I can start thinking about the wax/lacquer/varnish to give it bit darker look, then I'll attache the door which will propably be left bright, and if that doesn't meet my eye, I'll make it dark too. Then it's just mater of attaching the rack-rails, start thinking about bunch of rack-cases to build and get the plywood for the actual table!

Sorry for possible typos and very confusing text (propably). The project will continue! I hope.

And yeah, throw some tips what kind of stands should I make for the speakers?