Nick: Japala  Info
Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Sled Shed

Author: Japala
Used time: Still planning...
Cost: ~200 euros ?
Categories: Buildings, structures etc.


I bought my first snowmobile last winter and now it is time to build a shed to store it during the summer time. We have a total of three snowmobiles with my brothers so they all should fit inside.


Made couple of renders with Sketchup to better see what the actual size should be...

If you have some ideas or suggestions, please post them to comments.

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13.12.2007 20:45 nixariyeah nice work putting also new project comments!
13.12.2007 19:36 Jipait werks! Good thing you added the project-text there.
13.12.2007 18:14 Japala...
18.07.2007 21:13 JapalaAikomus ollut kova :)
18.07.2007 21:12 NearCryOokkos jo rakentanu?
16.07.2006 14:22 OwNenWoah, those snowmobiles look sweet. We dont have snow here, so Ive never used one. They look like heaps of fun.