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SFo Mod Center 0.1

Author: SFo
Used time: 1 week
Cost: ~12
Categories: Single case mods | Other Computer Components

I started from an old panel i built some month ago, but i was tired of his sad gray, so i decided to change front panel with a clear one, but i thought "I'm working on it, why don't i adjust the circuit and prepare it for new functions?"
so i began studing how to invert fan rotation, i made some test and changed one motor to test, it worked but it was too expensive so i decided not to change every one, but just the rear one.
So now to control its rotation i just invert polarity in the power cable by a switch, and i made so for every fan (I hope i'll have enough money to change every fan motor :))

First act
Soldering new wires on the switches, that's easy, just adding to power lines and 1 extra wire per switch

Second act
How does it fit? it seems to be nice!

Third act
Let's begin using the second led...

Fourth act
Everything at its final position before the first test...

Fifth act
It works!

Sixth act
Plugging rear connection panel, I decided to use RJ11 connector to make my life easyer and increase air flowing in the case (and to look more elegant and clean from lateral window)

Seventh act
Now working at night, note rear blue hi-brightness led (I took it from an old case) :-)

That's all, in few time I'll add 2 volume-meter and a HDD-meter (see the other holes...)

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26.08.2007 19:03 SFoi don't think, probably 'cause I don'it know what is xs forum :-)
26.08.2007 16:48 s0lidHave i seen u at XS forumis?
10.09.2006 15:40 SFothanks, i didn't have time to look for camera so i used my webcam :-) bye!
07.09.2006 23:39 drakminLooks pretty nicely done, not too high quality photos but overall good job!