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Uploaded: 02.10.2007 23:42
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Japala - Seeking suggestion on where to mod this little wonder. Motherboard is about 140 x 100 mm so it can fit almost everywhere. Planni

Seeking suggestion on where to mod this little wonder. Motherboard is about 140 x 100 mm so it can fit almost everywhere. Planning on using this for HTPC so if you can think of anything unique, please, share the idea!

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08.03.2009 13:55 JapalaCurrently being modded to a case... hopefully I manage to finish the project in near future.
02.03.2009 15:28 ErrtuWhat happend to this one?
14.12.2008 23:06 djsepiif you just could do that, i have thought about buying some intel's atom board after xmass, i have to check all good mini-itx boards before doing that.
14.12.2008 22:00 JapalaCan't actually remember. It is not here at the moment so I'll have to check it later.
14.12.2008 17:54 djsepiwhat is that board?
20.07.2008 22:22 pAbnLike Coolputer ; http://www.coolputer.fi/default.asp?sivuille=1
20.07.2008 20:47 Japalahttp://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=0783 too bad that they have run out of them. I'm sure there are other shops selling these.
20.07.2008 19:39 DJanneBut I can't.
20.07.2008 19:02 pAbnhttp://www.jimmspc.fi/tuote/TB-5?classid=5&groupid=132&subgroup=13201 - Kinda same looking. You can mod the leds by yourself ;)
20.07.2008 15:50 DJanneI need that small keyboard but it have to be FIN. It's nice if it have LED's
20.07.2008 13:52 JapalaSome US layout one... JME-8571
20.07.2008 13:16 DJanneWhat is that keyboard?
20.01.2008 11:03 HebitaksHide this in an UPS?
20.01.2008 11:01 JipaA good example why you aren't supposed to comment anywhere at 4 AM :)
20.01.2008 07:54 JapalaJipa, actually it is. It has a dual core cpu and can decode x264 content wihout any problems.
20.01.2008 03:55 JipaI really don't think it's powerful enough to be a HTPC.
20.01.2008 03:14 sciaticYou should maybe try to hide it if it's going to be a htpc, make a case that fits exactly under the "base" (the case would be the same shape as the bottom of the base) of your TV (and can hold the weight) and paint it the same color :o (I'm assuming you have a flat tv :S)
31.12.2007 12:13 zaketus140x100....that would fit into my pocket. Pocketpc :P *Looking for that kind of computer and _LONG_ extensioncord* :D
15.11.2007 17:50 srloll3rYour PC. right here' http://www.hprint.fi/verkkokauppa/images/HPOK-051_0702_510.jpg ' would look just gorgeous
12.11.2007 15:54 nixari"worlds first owl computer" :D
12.11.2007 15:39 JapalaLols :)
12.11.2007 15:17 XamorPut that into the owl you carved :)
03.10.2007 21:51 potkis:D
03.10.2007 21:49 s0lidBuy mg42 ammo box from "varusteleka"...
03.10.2007 21:43 Tubelinustai sitten joku hieno laukku (kaasunaamarilaukku ja sinne sitten vahvistettu runko metallista tai pleksistä ja sitten piuhat on koko ajan kiinni niin ottaa vaan näppiksen laukun taskusta, hiiren toisesta ja näyttöpiuha lähimpään näyttöön/telkkariin
03.10.2007 21:35 YoshiLittunäytön taustakoteloon :) Hieman kustomoitu littunäytön takalevy ja tuon ujutat sinne :) siinä on sitten "halpismacci" valmis :)
03.10.2007 21:34 HaoKiI think the weight really wouldn't be that problem with the stone case.... It might just be me but I really wouldn't want a nos-bottle in the corner of my living room...:P And the book has been done before... I really don't have a fetish to stick computers into everyday objects, like some do...:P
03.10.2007 21:26 Tubelinustai sitten jumalaton kasa dvd-levyjen kasia päällekäin ja leikkaisit keskistat kaikista muista keskeltä kamat pois paitsi päälimmäiset jättäisit siisteiksi
03.10.2007 21:25 Tubelinustoi vuolukivikone ei kuulosta pahalta ja jos se ois noin pieni niin ei painaiskaan helvetisti. miten ois jonkun puisen patsaan sisään. tai vois olla muutakin materiaalia, mitä vois kaivertaa. ei toimmonen mahtuis tollaseen Brunbergin Neekerin pusu -laatikkoon? vahvistaisi sisäpuolelta metallilla tai pleksillä sillä tavalla, ettei näkyisi ulos? Tai johonkin muuhun tollaseen laatikkoon?
03.10.2007 20:10 nixaridiy laptop? :D
03.10.2007 17:03 GSXI was thinking more along the lines of a nice small bottle. I have one used for o2, which is about 9" tall with a 5" diameter with a nice machined finish(looks like it was turned on a lathe). Damn, I might have to do one now ;) I get what you're saying tho, it's not the best case option for htpc use.
03.10.2007 16:28 JapalaGSX: When people say "amis" here, they usually talk about boys around 18 years of age that study in vocational school. Most of them have an old Datsun, Toyota or Lada that they have "tuned" with rally steering wheels, high volume sound system etc.
03.10.2007 16:25 kazooI have been thinking about that what is a word "amis" in english? Thought that it could be like "eimish" or something..
03.10.2007 16:21 JipaNOS-bottle in the corner of the livingroom isn't amis? Gimme a break..
03.10.2007 13:41 kazooHieno näppis, minkäs mallinen onkaan? Tuon pienen koneen voisi laittaa xboxin alkuperäiseen lootaan.. Paljonko muuten kustantaa tuommoiseen minikoneeseen tuollaiset osat?
03.10.2007 11:53 ErrtuWhy not put it in the book? Maybe even in the good book.. or is it blaspheme? Darn that keyboard is cute! NOx is manly, not "amis". But I think it's easier to smash others ideas, than make your own?
03.10.2007 11:12 aaaatusama näyttö ku mul. 8)
03.10.2007 10:57 s0lidJapala voi käyttää mun ideaa ja tehdä konelle koppa siitä vuolukivestä. Ei maksa paljoa yks 20x20x5cm järkäle.
03.10.2007 08:42 drakmin..ok might be not too powerful components for gaming... but maybe some older car games...
03.10.2007 08:41 drakminHow about a gaming-pc dedicated only for car games. And it would be built inside a steeringwheel controller :D
03.10.2007 08:39 JipaA nitrous bottle pc might be slightly too "amis" for HTPC-use... It's damn hard to invent anything unique!
03.10.2007 08:38 vikiJapalan handut on vähä liian isot tolle näppikselle :D ^^
03.10.2007 08:07 WeZawhat a about to put this into tv? but i think that not so unique.. :/
03.10.2007 07:43 GSXHmm, I can only think of one thing... Nitorus bottle pc! I was thinking of doing one, but one thing at a time.