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Uploaded: 20.11.2007 22:52
Categories: Electronics

Japala - Distance sensitive lamp that I made. Move the hand closer to the lamp and the light gets dimmer. Move the hand up and the light

Distance sensitive lamp that I made. Move the hand closer to the lamp and the light gets dimmer. Move the hand up and the light gets brighter. Pull the hand away to the side and the lamp keeps the selected brightness.

Design might not be the "hottest" one but perhaps I find inspiration to house the electronics inside something else...

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22.11.2007 19:02 JapalaYes, one can change the vote. I'm not quite sure why I made it this way but it allows one to change their mind and alter the vote as they wish.
22.11.2007 18:51 HaoKiWell you can correct your mistake by just clicking 5...;)
22.11.2007 18:46 Finderwups wrong vote, pushed 1 instead of 5
22.11.2007 17:26 NormimodiNot for Picooz. Got mine today. it took 3 days from the postal service to deliver it (which is normal) and a very clever idea. This could be used for all of the light in the room or TV etc.
21.11.2007 14:59 JapalaPulju doesn't sell anything. They just post images of cool items and show 0 in their stock for all of them. :)
21.11.2007 14:54 Japala: pulju.net sells those lamps in Finland too http://www.pulju.net/shop/product_details.php?p=591 :)
21.11.2007 14:44 kazooThis is very cool! Especially I love that "hand switch" mechanism. I first looked pictures and thought, that this is just a cool-looking lamp, but this was something awesome :) What kind of material you used to build this? Some acryl?
21.11.2007 10:41 Japalahttp://www.mathmos.com/usa/erol.html AirSwitch on the top part of the page. Seems that there are commercial version available too. Now we need to come up with new ways on using this sensory technique. Adjust the lighting on a computer? Adjust the fan speed? Alter the color of the lamp and not the brightness?
21.11.2007 10:31 JapalaYes, the idea is based on a microcontroller and an IR distance sensor. I wasn't sure if I should use IR or ultrasound but the IR version seems to be functioning quite nicely. Bright external light causes some interference but that can be taken care of. I need to get brighter lightsource first and then I'll write more about this. Perhaps a full article in Metku...
21.11.2007 08:49 akeehYou used that IR proximity sensor in this with a microcontroller? Have to try this if I get myself one of those sensors someday.
21.11.2007 08:38 GSXThat is sweet! Any more details on the internals?
21.11.2007 08:30 JapalaIt is not based on a commercial product that I know of. I saw similar concept been cooked up by one designer but haven't spotted any commercial versions. Just wanted to try the idea out and see if I can get it to work as I didn't have any idea what were the mechanics/electronics behind the basic principle. Turned out quite nicely.
21.11.2007 00:04 But the idea rocks still (love it personally).. Any howtos or shematics coming up? :)
21.11.2007 00:02 I smell a DIY-copy of a commercial product ;)
20.11.2007 23:38 JapalaPlace your hand on top of the orb and the light turns off. It can then be turned on by simply moving the hand back over the sphere.
20.11.2007 23:00 JipaPretty neat. Can it be turned off entirely or does it always have that slight glow?