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Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 08.02.2008 22:38
Categories: Electronics

Japala - Still working... ;)

Still working... ;)

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03.12.2008 20:53 DJanneCan I get more pic slots? Coming case project :D
10.09.2008 22:49 JapalaI believe these were available only for a week or two. Wanted to get rid of them at once or something....
10.09.2008 22:30 Hebitakswhen did verkkokauppa stop selling these :(
09.04.2008 17:26 JapalaGemis: it is actually a chrome one. http://metku.net/index.html?path=reviews/icase/index_eng
09.04.2008 16:04 gemisRealy nice screen. Is there a black wii?
10.02.2008 22:07 Circusactjapala : take a look at this pic and see if you can get a pair of clear sunglasses... http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/people/faculty/capps/4473/projects/fiambolis/vrd/vrd_hmd.jpg
10.02.2008 21:34 hjalmarand i ment that maybe some kind of mini screen next to bed so you can look series at bed during niht time and maybe a audio jack on the sceen too so you can have your headphones jacked in too ??
10.02.2008 20:10 Akameyeah, thanx : ) sure english in future. Dunno about mods but new watercooling system is coming in few weeks n.n
10.02.2008 04:36 hjalmarehkä joku yö näyttö jota voi pitää vaikka yöllä sängyn lähellä ja seurata siitä ohjelmai tms vastaavaa ??
10.02.2008 00:28 Akamekomian näkönen :p hei kuules saisko vähä kuvatilaa lisää? ku on taas tullu lisää vermekkeitä :) thx ny jo ennalta n.n
09.02.2008 10:48 JapalaNo, still have no clue :(
09.02.2008 03:17 Circusactspeaking of that tiny oled... any ideas on how your gunna use it yet?
08.02.2008 23:34 JipaYou should have the 1" oled there as well ;)