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Uploaded: 13.04.2008 21:08
Categories: Monitor | Room and Desk Shots | Desktop shots and software related

Japala - One Acer 24" TN monitor and two LG 17" models. No pivot on the LGs so I had to take off the screws and rotate the pane

One Acer 24" TN monitor and two LG 17" models. No pivot on the LGs so I had to take off the screws and rotate the panels "manually". Not a permanent setup but I wanted to see how three monitors can affect the working environment.

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27.06.2009 00:16 NearCryIf somebody still wants that picture with different color, here is my version: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/156/taustakuva3.jpg
17.07.2008 12:17 JapalaI believe the camera whitebalance is here to blame. If needed, one can always change the shade of the colors on that picture with little bit of photoshopping by altering the color channel balance from the adjust menu.
16.07.2008 22:26 DJanneThanks very much! I have to cut it 'cause it's too wide for my resolution. Thanks for thousand times! E: My version look's greener that that what is in your picture. Why? Hope you got that "greener"...
16.07.2008 21:56 jurbeThanks a lot!! :)
16.07.2008 21:14 JapalaGood thing the topic came up. Here it is for a moment: http://metku.net/~jponkko/taustakuva.jpg go get it! :)
16.07.2008 16:28 jurbeWow! nice wallpaper :D
12.07.2008 12:06 DJanneI think I buy same monitor but 22". I don't need that big. Did you find that wallpaper yet?
11.07.2008 16:58 DJanneOkay, thanks. BTW, it's that 24" monitor good in games?
11.07.2008 16:01 DJanneWhere I can get that wallpaper? It's coolest wallpaper what i've ever seen! Can u answer to my picture?
15.04.2008 01:01 ryanarmstrongsweet u've gave me a idea
14.04.2008 23:22 JapalaYes
14.04.2008 22:11 naake1windows xp ?
14.04.2008 18:13 JipaGet two screens and there's two frames right in front of you. It sucks. And if you place one 24" right in front of you then the second will end about one meter away from you. It sucks as well.
14.04.2008 17:50 Japala2x24" would be too wide for my liking...
14.04.2008 17:26 Voryonid rather buy 2x 24" than go play like this =D
14.04.2008 12:33 willekme wants 2x 20" with my 24"
13.04.2008 23:38 Jipame wants some silly 17" screens as well.. A real shame even the used ones still cost so much.
13.04.2008 23:02 Akameooooh. looks pretty good : >
13.04.2008 22:43 Regueveryone can do that planning part, but just few really does what was planned.
13.04.2008 22:43 Japala24" is from the GNT. Bit under 300 euros.
13.04.2008 22:42 Japalas0lid, and you think that I thought that I was the first to come up with this concept?
13.04.2008 22:36 s0lidHehe some my friend was planning to buy 2 20" tfts and put them like that next to his 30" tft :D loong way before this.
13.04.2008 22:15 BroidiXI would like to have one of those 24" too.. How much and where did you buy it?
13.04.2008 22:13 ZseLotHlooking nice...
13.04.2008 22:07 JapalaAcer != best :)
13.04.2008 21:51 Reguwhy Japala allways has the best gadgets and stuff...not fair!
13.04.2008 21:46 HochramI hate you lol, I tryed Crysis with two monitors but it's impossible to play with crosshair divided in 2 parts sigh...
13.04.2008 21:44 YoshiIt really does look good :)