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Age: 47
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Uploaded: 06.12.2008 18:45
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players | Electronics

Japala - Mobira NMT taken apart...

Mobira NMT taken apart...

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07.12.2008 11:15 kuppazkiquess it would be a little sluggish :D
06.12.2008 20:27 JapalaI have a dual core 3.5" SBC setup for it. Pico would not have enough power to play the x264 titles.
06.12.2008 20:17 kuppazkiwell, it is pretty much crap in todays standards :D gonna go for via epia or something? pico-itx would only take 10x7,2cm space
06.12.2008 20:14 YarikoIt's not crap, it's hitech from early 90s :D Looks pretty small for HTPC?
06.12.2008 19:52 kuppazkiit's incredible how much crap it took 15 years ago to just make a call wirelessly.