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Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 13.04.2009 15:27
Categories: Handicrafts

Japala - Clock with a duck theme

Clock with a duck theme

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14.04.2009 22:56 NiBaWoops this is missing from my previous comment "stand out" (Beetween words betterly and from)
14.04.2009 21:52 NiBaNice! You can really do miracles with wood. Just one small minus.. That smaller bird could betterly from background.
13.04.2009 21:34 Hene987That would work. I thought he meant blue leds. :D
13.04.2009 21:30 JapalaAkeeh, you are not alone one this. Made something similar a while back: http://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=1&id=262 This is something that I will try once the right image crosses my path :)
13.04.2009 21:08 akeehWell the idea was that they would be hidden under there and would just provide a dim back lighting in dark. I don't see that ruining it at all. But anyway, just an idea that came to my mind.
13.04.2009 20:36 Hene987That would ruin the clock. I think wood and leds are bad combination.
13.04.2009 16:54 akeehI think this would look cool with a backplate and some leds lighting it up so those cut out areas would be lit then.
13.04.2009 15:41 vikiAwesome