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Age: 47
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Uploaded: 13.07.2010 16:40
Categories: Handicrafts | Game consoles

Japala - MameLap is coming along...

MameLap is coming along...

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14.07.2010 14:02 JapalaIf you look closely, you'll spot a green button under the top plate. This will make more sense when you see the finished project.
14.07.2010 11:58 pctonGreat layout! Will your pinball buttons be under that edge or will you make it level?
13.07.2010 22:15 JapalaYes, I believe I'll be bringing them both if I can get them ready...
13.07.2010 19:02 YarikoOh there will be two of these 8) I was thinking that this all is one and same. I believe these will be presented at Assembly'10?
13.07.2010 18:59 JapalaThat is why I'm building that other cabinet. :)
13.07.2010 18:52 YarikoNice idea to just hook up with any laptop but it would look more hardcore if it had it's own hardware and screen. It would visualy look a lot more like the old arcade machines.
13.07.2010 17:55 nanonice!
13.07.2010 17:31 JapalaYep, they are from a Logitech USB-speaker set. Inside will be a 32GB USB stick with all the games so one can just hook up any laptop to this and start gaming. :)
13.07.2010 16:51 YarikoThis will be sick :)
13.07.2010 16:46 nanoare those recessed ones speakers?