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Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 26.06.2013 20:19
Categories: Other Hobbies or sports

Japala - Prototype ready for test flight...

Prototype ready for test flight...

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01.07.2013 23:50 JapalaCheapest way would be a simple glider... but if you need to hover, something with similar hardware than this should be the cheapest option...
01.07.2013 22:50 HochramThank you but I'm not really interested in these... it could be fun fun to try indeed but really I have no purpose for it... neither a comfortable place to use it. I used the helicopter for a week , now it rests on my computer case...
01.07.2013 22:36 willekWhat is the cheapest way to get a gopro in the sky? And no, I dont mean throwing it.
01.07.2013 20:55 JapalaBuilding something similar from scratch will cost you like 150 euros so there should be no reason not to try if you are interested on these. Tons of funs and they offer bit more DIY than those store bought ones. And there is always that Ladybird! :)http://metku.net/index.html?path=reviews/walkera-qr-ladybird-v2-rtf/index_eng
01.07.2013 20:32 Hochramyeah :D I see you have to put a little force to stabilize after the flip, so I imagine it's not too difficult to proceed to another one... ( only meditating, I'm not into this things, got only a crappy camera helicopter at a fair eheh)
01.07.2013 19:49 JapalaAnd after that three and so on ;) Yep, doubles are coming as soon as I get more practice :)
01.07.2013 12:34 HochramWe want double flips :D
30.06.2013 23:47 JapalaFirst flips! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9msx19SFy-I
28.06.2013 21:19 MafieldsNice looking one ^^ sleak