Nick: Japala  Info
Age: 47
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 03.07.2013 19:06
Categories: Other Hobbies or sports

Japala - Mahogany


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14.07.2013 17:30 JapalaAnd one more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COyqmvu7ZjA
06.07.2013 21:35 alfonsyeah willek there was one of these things flying.. maybe PR team was on it
06.07.2013 17:26 JohnEdwardThe nice curves should make navigation lights pretty easy to install. Hell, you could wrap the whole outside of the quad in a LED strip :P
05.07.2013 18:59 metalfusionI like the finish on the wooden frame
04.07.2013 23:42 willekAs in in Rock the Beach?
04.07.2013 21:35 JapalaNope, this one has never left Raahe :)
04.07.2013 21:17 alfonswere you flying this thing in hietaniemi beach last saturday?
04.07.2013 17:15 JapalaRolling shutter effect, nothing to worry about :)
04.07.2013 12:15 HochramInfinite flips combo: MASTERED :D props look strange eheh
04.07.2013 08:38 JapalaPerforms well too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvzXh8GEcCM
03.07.2013 19:45 HochramVery classy :)