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Uploaded: 26.02.2014 18:32
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Japala - High-tech testing platform :)

High-tech testing platform :)

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07.03.2014 02:48 JapalaWith these components you'll get the smoothest motion. If you are referring to my video, the unit was not tuned. I'll upload a new video with a properly tuned setup once I finish it :)
06.03.2014 18:35 alfonsThere is some shaking going. How much do u know about dc motors/ steppers? Can you say that could steppers or servos be steadier?
28.02.2014 21:51 JipaOverall I think I need this system for the hand held stuff.. I have my girlfriends' fullHD videocammera which seems to handle movement exceptionally badly, so I really want anything to stabilize tha
28.02.2014 20:34 JapalaNo down-hill stuff but the idea is sound...
28.02.2014 20:33 Japalajipa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS4usmHGj74 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS4usmHGj74
28.02.2014 20:06 JohnEdwardI understand the gyro part, I was confused how you get the brushless motor to go so smoothly as there are only a few windings. But the answer I was looking for was "microstepping", which I didn't even know was possible.
28.02.2014 18:32 JipaMaybe I should get something like this for my HDhero.. Then again, I suppose the motion with that is more rapid and up/down/sideways rather than around some axis.
28.02.2014 18:24 JapalaYou see that black wire going to the camera. There is small circuit board under the camera that has an accelerometer and a qyrochip in it that works as a feedback to the controller. It senses if things are getting out of aligment and the controller then adjusts the motors accordingly.
28.02.2014 13:33 JohnEdwardSo they are just brushless motors, and don't have a pot and gears like servos do ? I though you would get pretty big steps but the video looked really smooth. Weird.
28.02.2014 10:11 JapalaThey need to be rewound for this use and need special controller but the basic idea is the same. :)
27.02.2014 19:17 JipaOh wow never realized brushless motors could be used like that! always thought they were about running 20 kRPM
27.02.2014 12:34 HochramWow, impressive :)
27.02.2014 00:06 JohnEdwardLooks pretty good, can't wait for in flight footage.
26.02.2014 18:33 Japalahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HhudQDof44