Nick: kezmah  Info
Age: 31
Location: Vihti



Title: Antec Sonata 2
Created: 10.06.2008 22:49

looking good.
looking good....
its shine :o
its shine :o...
painting in process.
painting in process....
Antec Sonata with glossy paint inside.
Antec Sonata with gl...

Title: entertainment
Created: 19.05.2008 14:35

Title: unready
Created: 19.05.2008 14:29
The full case mod
CD-driver on use.
CD-driver on use....
This is my single case mod, i done  it with 26hours for the Lan event. 

Its not ready yet! What i can do with frontpanel, what i can do with it ? 
            Maybe LCD or something else, what u think ?

Paints is only temporary.


Asus p5k-e
8800 GTS 512 MB (G92)
2 gb 800mhz
Windows XP
This is my single ca...

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