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Title: MW power meter
Created: 13.01.2009 00:24
This little box act as a microwave power meter (ie. could be used for measuring transmit power of a wlan router etc.)

Title: 10 GHz FM-TX
Created: 13.01.2009 00:07

Horn antenna and it's wave guide. (see my other pic of this also)
Horn antenna and it'...
It's a ~10 GHz FM-transmitter for video. I accidentally threw away all the papers about mesurments so I can't confirm the exact transmit frequency.

The basic idea is pretty simple. First there is a dielectric resonator oscillator (that gray disc on the left bottom corner). The signal is passed to a band pass filter on the right side of resonator. The there is two clas-A amplifier stages. After second stage the signal is fed to a tap in a horn antennas wave guide.

FM modulation is done by altering suply voltage of the resonator.

Oh an the most important thing... I made this transmitter by modifying a LNB which was used to receive analog satellite TV.

I was able to receive picture with another LNB and SAT-receiver. Although the picture was prety noisy because the resonator on transmitter was "little" broken and it was then very unstable.
It's a ~10 GHz FM-tr...

Title: 2.4 GHz Antenna
Created: 06.01.2009 20:55
2.4 GHz Directional Wlan Antenna
Antenna in 4nec2 antenna simulator.
Antenna in 4nec2 ant...
2.4 GHz Directional Wlan Antenna
2.4 GHz Directional ...

Title: VHF transmitter
Created: 29.12.2007 01:48
CW/AM transmitter

Title: +-12 V PSU
Created: 27.12.2007 18:17
PSU for phono amp.
Back panel.
Back panel....
Front panel.
Front panel....
Inside view

There is a ATmega8 mcu with a 4 MHz crystal to provide accurate delay on startup ;)
Inside view...

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Wiikon Wappu & &...
VAX 6310 and HSC50

3x KA62B processors (3 more will be installed soon)
96 MB of memory (96 MB more will be installed soon)
10 MBit AUI-Ethernet
TK50 CompacTape drive
CI bus (VAXcluster bus)
Max heat power 1650 W
Weight: uhm... much

HSC50 is a standalone storage server for VAXcluster system. It can manage a full size cabinet of hard disks with RAID-0 or RAID-1.
VAX 6310 and HSC50...
Oldies but Goldies
Oldies but Goldies...
ATmega8 board.
ATmega8 board....
Pimp My Fonero

-Serial port (for stty)
-Second antenna (to offer both polarizations)
-dd-wrt (so we could get rid of babylon)
Pimp My Fonero...
USB test bench with amp meter
Made at Campus Party '07 www.campus-party.org
USB test bench with ...
3 led flashers.
Smallest one is still too big.
3 led flashers....