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Title: Dice!
Created: 04.01.2008 18:52
All my Dice sessions.
Dice, Dice, Dice
Dice, Dice, Dice...
Dice fog :)
Dice fog :)...
Whole system without GPU pot :/
Whole system without...
Ati HD2900 Pro in frost ;D
Ati HD2900 Pro in fr...

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I suppose this counts as a mod?
I suppose this count...
Simple cnc machined bracket for sata female-male adapters and 8x 40mm fans :)

bigger image:
Simple cnc machined ...
Gratz to Zesti for winning the first place, you deserved it that case is geek porn.

More pictures from my build here:
Gratz to Zesti for w...
The insert is almoust done :)
Faceplate needs to be finished (i/o plate, fan holes, AC connector hole etc).
The insert is almous...
Some progress.
HDD+SSD, Mobo and PSU mounts... OK 
Insert bent and forged to shape... OK
Mobo clearance... OK
Lid closes without problems while insert with mobo is inside... OK

Project log:
Some progress....
There will be mods :)
New Lanbox project.
-Asrock A75M-ITX
-2TB 3.5" HDD
-2.5" SSD (tba)
-Either a 350W SFX psu or 500W ATX psu, which ever fits.
-Cooling (tba)
-Pci-e x16 flexriser
-Apple hdmi-dvi cable (you'll see why ;))

--Teh plan
-Fit lanbox into U.S.Army .50cal Ammobox (id: 27.8x14.4x17.5cm LxWxD)
-Build a insert for the parts from 1.5mm steel sheet
-I/O will be facing up, since lid of the ammobox is easily removeable
-Not a single change to the ammobox itself
There will be mods :...
1U firewall chassis made from Extreme Networks Summit 48-200 switch chassis.

Still awaits for new 40x40x20mm fans (cpu and exhaust fans). Also fan shrouhd/RF shield needs little work, like fixed mounting and such. PSU at the moment is bit broken (5V Rail is on all the time, not that it matters in appliance that's on 24/7), needs new switching controller board (will be snatched from another psu that's in use). 

-Some Celeron 220 Intel board
-4GB CF card for Nanobsd release of pfsense 2.0.1
-Intel Pro 1000/MT Dual Pci-X nic + Riser
-300W Antec psu (from minuet chassis)
-Huawei E1820 3G Dongle (for secondary connection, some port specific routing.  SMA female connector at the back).

More pictures in higher res:
1U firewall chassis ...
SA-Kauppa FTW?
So i paid 30€ from Pace MBT-350 with SX80 and PS90 + Loads of accessories and tips.
That MBT-350 is alone worth 1k€ :P
SA-Kauppa FTW?...
Guess what i did here ;)
Guess what i did her...
@ ASM11 :]
Located at D11/14 

Finishing quality is low due lack of time and i had no time to redo the IO part :|
@ ASM11 :]
Project Leftover :P
Something little for Assembly Summer '11

About the projects name: Made from PE sheets i had leftover from another project.

The finished product will be revealed at Assembly, ofc i'll add picture or two here i when i get there ^^
Project Leftover :P...
Cable and tubing passthroughs in this antec build :)
Cable and tubing pas...
Current Antec 300 with phobya 1080mm rad :)
Enough cooling power to keep 4.1GHz i7 in mid 60s at full load when rads fans are at 5V :P
Current Antec 300 wi...
Healthy looking mosfet?
Picture is from a MSI K9A2 CF that i got as a extra when i bought other stuff from my friend, salvaged new fet from a broken asus M2N, board posts now and i'll test it more tomorrow.
Healthy looking mosf...
Did some modding for Procurve 2824, otherwise nice switch but noisy as hell with oringinal 40mm fans.

And yea don't mention the color choise of material, got like 1.6mx1.6mx2mm piece of that for free.
Did some modding for...
USB Nes pad :P
This is just a little franken mod i did, used old MS sidewinders pcd for button -> USB control. Yes i removed the oringinal controller chip from nes pad pcb and i had to cut couple traces there and there.

And i will not post pics from inside, just too annoying to get back together...

But works fine in jnes :P
USB Nes pad :P...
As asked: Mother Of All MotherBoards!
Compaq Errmodel...

Up to 4 200Mhz 1MB Pentium Pros and 4GBs of SDRAM. Cpu- and memcards  are not shown in the picture.
Size is about 70cm wide and 40cm long.
As asked: Mother Of ...
Testing some Apple G4 Sawtooth board with modded ATX psu + lab power supply to deliver 28V :D

Going to boost up the CPU and install ubuntu powerpc edit :))
12VDC to 28VDC booster circuit is must.
Testing some Apple G...
Older Dual Processing stuff :)
Dual +1800 Athlon MPs and Dual P3 800Mhz Coppermines.
Older Dual Processin...
Looking ready :P
Tubing will be changed to white 13/10mm tube.
Looking ready :P...
New project :P
Going to plant matx lan set inside of this G5 Power macs case :)

The Rig i've been planning:
AMD X2 7750
Asus M3A78-CM

More pictures here:
http://s463.photobucket.com/albums/qq358/ss0lid/G5 PowerMac/
New project :P...
New toys!
3x Via Epia M, 933MHz :D
New toys!
New toy :D

Via C3 800MHz, what to do with this?
New toy :D
Bought new case for my dual clover....
Still i'm goin to do that earlier project ready ;)
It comes for some other computer.
Bought new case for ...
Finally up and running for a while :D
Nope this is not the final build, my earlier pump died on me and new one should be here tomorrow which is swiftech MCP355 :P
Finally up and runni...
Supermicro X7DAL-E+ mobo for my Quad xeons :D
Will post an worklog in 5mins
Supermicro X7DAL-E+ ...
Guess what this stuff is :D
Guess what this stuf...
2x E5310 Quads waiting for mobo and memory :P
Mobo: Asus Z7S WS, Mem: 4GB 800mhz FB-DIMM

Full pic: http://xs330.xs.to/xs330/08351/dsc_0188771.jpg
2x E5310 Quads waiti...
Modifications to Gpu pot :D
Now it has and cu core :)

That cu part is not polished or lapped!
Modifications to Gpu...
Just tested does the Cpuz work in ubuntu :)
cpu is P4 631
Just tested does the...
Had to try this out when i found this sleeve :D
And lots of new stuff is coming up so stay tuned :)
Had to try this out ...
My home server :P
Installing Ubuntu 8.04

P4 631 @ 3GHz with HT
Asus P5KR
512MB DDR2 667MHz
GF6600GT 128MB
200GB IDE drive
Project fluffy :D
350W PSU
My home server :P...
My home server :P
Installing Ubuntu 8.04

P4 631 @ 3GHz with HT
Asus P5KR
512MB DDR2 667MHz
GF6600GT 128MB
200GB IDE drive
Project fluffy :D
350W PSU
My home server :P...
Old pic :F 
Hope i beat this up at this weekend =D
Old pic :F ...
Brr testing new 360mm rad when window opened...
Brr testing new 360m...
Fixed 17" TFT which i bought with 30 as broken =)
And my rig btw...
Fixed 17" TFT w...
At school this morning xD cs 1.6  :P
At school this morni...
Finally I installed my WaterCooling to "Project Fluffy" :D
This is only temporally setup...
Finally I installed ...
Maximus Mobo Rocks!
Maximus Mobo Rocks!...
Rigs watercoolings "engine room".
Rigs watercoolings &...
New rig: Xeon X3210, Maximus Formula SE, 2Gb, HD2900 Pro 512Mb, Watercooling.
New rig: Xeon X3210,...
From left to right: Celeron 420, E6420 and Xeon X3210.
I have couple CPUs :P

Vasemmalta oikealle: Celeron 420, E6420 ja Xeon X3210.
On mulla pari rossua :P
From left to right: ...
Nice FSB...
Nice FSB......
I sanded my E6420s HS :)
Orthos temps @ 3.6Ghz 73c --> 65c.
It really works!
I sanded my E6420s H...
Mr. Fluffy, My friends idea :D

Mr. Fluffy... Kaverin idea :D 
Ihan lppn tein :D
Mr. Fluffy, My frien...