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Age: 30
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 04.01.2008 18:52
Categories: Cooling

s0lid - Dice, Dice, Dice

Dice, Dice, Dice

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10.03.2008 21:12 s0lidMakekaze i only broke my EVGA :/ Abit died to bios bug BAAD ONE...
10.03.2008 20:10 well all of them don't keep so much noise about their doings and broken mobos ;)
10.03.2008 20:08 alfonsi dont know anyone 16yr who would have hobby like this:P
10.03.2008 20:07 alfonsi meant that i tought you were like +20:P
10.03.2008 19:28 s0lidYes i'm 16 wanna see my Id sertification card????
10.03.2008 19:26 Akameen jaksa kirjottaa englanniks, sori ylläpito... Mitä merkitystä sillä on vaikka 16v oliski.. ei mitään :E olin minäki 16 joskus >_<
10.03.2008 19:23 alfonswtf?! are you 16 years?
25.01.2008 23:46 potkis*your
25.01.2008 23:45 potkisCan U tell you MSN? I have a question with GTAF. :D