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Uploaded: 08.02.2008 08:27
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

s0lid - Fixed 17" TFT which i bought with 30 as broken =)And my rig btw...

Fixed 17" TFT which i bought with 30 as broken =)
And my rig btw...

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17.12.2008 21:50 lostjouninnice... thats quite the workdbench :P
17.12.2008 21:42 NiBaLol.. i got 17" tft for free as broken.. and i changed two capacitors and it works now fine..
08.02.2008 19:33 s0lidLcdlo u have mail =)
08.02.2008 19:04 s0lidwillek: 17" TFT is now dedicated to IRC =) 20" wide is for everything else... Just testin 17" monitor with movie =)
08.02.2008 18:05 willekYeah, widescreen video (or something like it) on the narrow screen, and narrow irc-lines on the widescreen o/
08.02.2008 17:53 LcdloNo matter for that hdd rack, if you're selling it someday mail. tumpero@wippies.com
08.02.2008 17:48 s0lidIrc is always in 17" for now =)
08.02.2008 17:47 s0lidPerhaps i'm going to sell it =) But the hdd rack is destroyed :D see that 240mm radiator in there =)
08.02.2008 17:44 kazooI would use those TFT's so, that little one displays your IRC lines and other thingies on that big :)
08.02.2008 16:07 Lcdlo'ugly
08.02.2008 16:07 LcdloYgly? I like it, and i might be interested to buy it, if solid is selling. :)
08.02.2008 16:00 JipaOne of the two ugly Lian-Lis so far.. The second is the "gaming"-case :F
08.02.2008 15:55 s0lidLianLi pc-777s =)
08.02.2008 15:17 ScaleoLianLi?
08.02.2008 15:07 nixarin70 rules!
08.02.2008 12:50 s0lidNah new costs 300€
08.02.2008 12:46 Voryon70e for a ugly thing for that is way too much =P tbh wouldnt even take it for free :P
08.02.2008 11:20 s0lidNext building -30c waterchiller and i'll toss that case and build my rig on that waterchillers case =)
08.02.2008 11:16 s0lidYea about that case... i bought it quite cheap only 70Eur.
08.02.2008 11:09 Circusactoh, btw, not a bad rig and good job bringing a lcd back to life. hella good way to save cash.
08.02.2008 11:08 Circusacteek... why oh WHY would anyone use that case... i saw a review of it last year and LOL'd to think that people would buy that thing...
08.02.2008 10:03 s0lidBacklight was broken and picutre control was fucked up.
08.02.2008 08:58 nanogj man. what was the problem?