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Age: 31
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 27.03.2008 19:44
Categories: Other Computer Components

s0lid - My home server :PInstalling Ubuntu 8.04-HW-P4 631 @ 3GHz with HTAsus P5KR512MB DDR2 667MHzGF6600GT 128MB200GB IDE driveProject f

My home server :P
Installing Ubuntu 8.04

P4 631 @ 3GHz with HT
Asus P5KR
512MB DDR2 667MHz
GF6600GT 128MB
200GB IDE drive
Project fluffy :D
350W PSU

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27.10.2008 14:42 Tissuntassunofcourse "isäntä" sticer ;D
28.03.2008 09:05 s0lidYe i know, but i need more HDDs :D
28.03.2008 07:31 vikiWell, those are enough for that :P
27.03.2008 20:29 s0lidNah not going to be website server :) WCG, File and Printer :)
27.03.2008 20:14 vikiServer with 3Ghz :o well i bet u got good sites, and 512mb its good tho' but when u got many visitors i would say u need 2gb
27.03.2008 20:01 s0lidHehe :)
27.03.2008 19:59 ScaleoNice server :D