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Uploaded: 03.02.2009 19:41
Categories: Other Computer Components

s0lid - New toy :DVia C3 800MHz, what to do with this?

New toy :D

Via C3 800MHz, what to do with this?

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04.02.2009 18:23 Kapperiso cute :p
04.02.2009 18:17 s0lidhttp://s463.photobucket.com/albums/qq358/ss0lid/?action=view&current=DSC_0244.jpg with new sink :D
04.02.2009 14:07 s0lidYea i'm goin to get one of that kinda Zalmans :D E: Bought one already ^^
04.02.2009 14:07 s0lidErrtu: hint: rigthtop corner of cpu sink, that white thingy, second hole is behind cap :]
04.02.2009 13:01 ErrtuMaybe Zalman ZM-NB47J for CPU cooler? But do you have to glue it down? I don't see any holes near CPU. I would make digibox / media center of it.
04.02.2009 00:23 s0lidJipa, yupp trying to find big nb cooler or such :D
03.02.2009 23:58 JipaSurely such CPU can be cooled passively..
03.02.2009 23:18 pAbnWhy?
03.02.2009 21:59 jumatuseMm.. :P I have million ideas where to put this. ;) Change cpu heatsink/fan.
03.02.2009 21:48 HaoKismoothwall server hidden somewhere :P
03.02.2009 21:16 verruOverclock it a bit? :P
03.02.2009 21:12 s0lidDeLOCK 70154, PCI 4x SATA, Raid 0, 1 & 10 + 32GB Transcend SSD.
03.02.2009 21:11 s0lidMaybe an silent personal pictureserver :]
03.02.2009 20:26 CaineHUGE CPU FAN!!!!!!! :D
03.02.2009 19:49 isthejakemake a netbook =D