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Age: 31
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 23.12.2011 22:17

s0lid - Guess what i did here ;)

Guess what i did here ;)

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25.12.2011 23:15 s0lidCan do but that's for tomorrow :)
25.12.2011 22:13 Jiikaxcould you take picture in the dark with one colored picture on fullscreen ? maybe white ?
25.12.2011 19:54 JipaShame about the image quality, hard to tell how spotty the light really is..
25.12.2011 18:22 Jiikaxnice fix :D
24.12.2011 14:12 s0lidThat's my laptops resolution :) IIRC it's 1280x800.
24.12.2011 13:02 DJannekinda horrbile reso and those icons... r u almost blind?
24.12.2011 11:39 s0lidYup. http://bitloot.eu/index.php/LedLCD -> What i did there ^^
24.12.2011 02:18 JohnEdwardYou took a camera, and used it to take a picture of your screen. But judging from the horribly spotted backlight, I'll guess and say you changed the backlight to an LED strip ?