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Uploaded: 07.03.2012 19:12
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s0lid - There will be mods :)New Lanbox project.--HW-A8-3850-Asrock A75M-ITX-HD7750-8GB DDR3-2TB 3.5" HDD-2.5" SSD (tba)-Eithe

There will be mods :)
New Lanbox project.
-Asrock A75M-ITX
-2TB 3.5" HDD
-2.5" SSD (tba)
-Either a 350W SFX psu or 500W ATX psu, which ever fits.
-Cooling (tba)
-Pci-e x16 flexriser
-Apple hdmi-dvi cable (you'll see why ;))

--Teh plan
-Fit lanbox into U.S.Army .50cal Ammobox (id: 27.8x14.4x17.5cm LxWxD)
-Build a insert for the parts from 1.5mm steel sheet
-I/O will be facing up, since lid of the ammobox is easily removeable
-Not a single change to the ammobox itself

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11.04.2013 17:51 alfonsIts not .50 cal box but 5,56mm! Real nice idea though :)
09.03.2012 08:20 s0lidYep, good thing i picked board that got pretty flat i/o area (no wlans, s/pdiffs) also from 10mm the border of lid there's ~7mm of extraspace space. The ammobox is 19cm high in total :)
09.03.2012 00:00 Zesti175mm deep box and mITX is 170mm.. That's going to be nice and tight fit. :)
08.03.2012 10:27 s0lidI really doupt it will work in a Lanbox 1) too much weight. 2) Actually getting the chassis so sealed that it won't leak even it were upside down. Such as I/O area and HDDs do not like mineral oil 3) And I doupt the power dissipating characterics of that steel chassis would be enough for 100W cpu and 75W GPU + stuff.
08.03.2012 05:08 isthejakemaybe watertight the whole thing and submerse all u can in mineral oil?
07.03.2012 20:08 s0lidYeah an ATX PSU will fit without its chassis and when it's installed vertically, I just don't have a unit that I'd like to use for this project at the moment. Antec SP 500W (s0lid edition) would work but it's internals are too high -> Can't fit hdd. Also got modular 650W TT unit that got 12cm fan in it -> internals are low enough but it's too "good" for this project :)
07.03.2012 19:50 DJanneatx psu shuold fit when u mod it littlebit