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Title: Room
Created: 22.07.2007 23:05
Home theater
The good
The good
Finally ready! Sub is missing, will be SVS PB-12 soon :))) Some acoustics would be good.

Sanyo Z2000 Fullhd

Yamaha RX-V663

3x Chorus 662
2x Chorus mondo 55
Finally ready! Sub i...

Title: Comps and stuff
Created: 22.07.2007 22:24
Random pics of computer hardware
G92 8800
G92 8800
E6600 + Ninja lapped.

Everest shows Idle temp 41c -> 36c, Orthos temp 55c -> 48c.
E6600 + Ninja lapped...

Default album
KO-D8 motor
KO-D8 motor...
Updated pic of KO-D8 bicycle. Very nice :)

Finnish army bicycle with Russian KO-D8 motor

- Top speed 40km/h
- Its illegal to drive public
- 2l tank and 32cc motor
Updated pic of KO-D8...
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro/80

With micmod. I took the mic from a old cheap headset and soldered it to a 3,5mm plug. Then some aluminium, a 2-sided tape and a 3,5mm extension wire.

Need to get a wind muff :I
Beyerdynamic DT770 P...