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Uploaded: 27.04.2011 11:36
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kuppazki - Work in progress. Succestions and advice are welcome.

Work in progress. Succestions and advice are welcome.

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06.06.2011 13:09 kuppazkino i havent been there. i had a little setback with the battery since it didint want to take charge, so i found another from an old UPS and tested the setup for the weekend. it seems that it plays 7-8 hours with the volume nearly at maximum.
05.06.2011 12:27 rippeWere you at turku yesterday evening with this ghettoblaster?! I saw exactly the same kind of blaster there!
03.05.2011 15:05 worderrorI know, gotta love that oldschool feeling. Check out my blaster too ;)
03.05.2011 13:34 kuppazkiyesterday i got around to buy long enough screwdriver to open the blaster from the backside.
03.05.2011 13:29 kuppazkiyou cant copy the sound feel and look of these things. that is really the main reason i want to carry this with me even if it ends up weighting more than all the beer i am going to enjoy listening to this lo fidelity hunk of plasticky goodness.
28.04.2011 18:16 GammalfxD
28.04.2011 14:38 worderrorGhetto is the only way with blasters.
28.04.2011 14:15 Gammalfyep, worderror...GHETTO...this is the deep meaning
28.04.2011 12:30 j037i had one of those blasters but the amplifier didn't work properly
28.04.2011 12:29 worderrorlead battery ftw. I have 2.9Ah lead battery in my budget blaster and it works great. I dont like those 'lookihavesomuchmoneytospend' blasters. Gotta love these REAL GHETTOBLASTERS.
28.04.2011 11:29 JipaI'd see if the thing is worth anything (some people actually collect these old blasters) and just build a new one from scratch.
28.04.2011 10:06 kuppazkiwhats wrong with the battery? my budget is nonexistent and i am not going to buy any D-cells for this
28.04.2011 00:27 willekDitch the lead battery.
27.04.2011 16:32 djsepirecord your mp3 collection to tapes and dont touch that CLASSIC!
27.04.2011 13:38 Gammalfchange the tape deck into a mp3 dockingstation and add some music controled LED´s