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Age: 30
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 17.04.2009 23:41

aMiga - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Personal recordi got new graphics card:XFX 8800 GTS F4T4l1TY 320Mb~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Personal record

i got new graphics card:

XFX 8800 GTS F4T4l1TY 320Mb


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20.04.2009 12:34 aMigayea, i did raise 100% of that cooler, and now i did oc my prosessor to 3,02 GHz, Pentti: i dont know? maybe cause this is factory ocd version?
19.04.2009 23:51 laurilrI'd say that 85C isn't too much when gaming, as long as card is not unstable..
19.04.2009 22:07 BenaHIn-game high temps aren't a problem. In games the GPU has to process more things than in desktop. I'd say that temps over 85'C are lethal. Allthought, my brother's computer has x1050/9600XT without a fan at all and the heatsink is about 2 coin in width and height is about 1 sentimetre. I guess it temps are always about 90 and in games 120... I don't know, it does not have a sensor in it.
19.04.2009 21:59 Penttipatenttiwhy there is NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB ??
19.04.2009 21:41 laurilrYea that's pretty normal. You can raise fan speed by using Rivatuner (for example). I think it's 8800 GTS Fatal1ty, not F4T4|1TY h4xx0r 1337 l4ngu4g3 ;)
19.04.2009 21:01 aMigathat thingie(XFX 8800 GTS F4T4l1TY 320Mb) takes 81'c (and maybe more) on stock cooler, is that normal? cause i read some nvidia forums and there was one who had 79'c at load (+ "81'c and maybe more" when i play crysis)