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Title: Other stuff
Created: 12.11.2007 16:52
All other things

My newest casemod.

250gb HD
amd opteron 170
asus a8n sli deluxe 
2gb DDR
My newest casemod....
heres my bike.
heres my bike....

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Watercooling Phase 2
Watercooling Phase 2...
My desk
My desk
old hardware new picture :) 

Alot comments please 

Amd opteron 170 = 2.6ghz 
Asus A8N-E 
8800gt 256mb 
1gb 400mhz 
80gb hdd 
custom watercooling 
Corsair Hx 520w psu 
Wlan card
old hardware new pic...
The proper super pi 2.6ghz opteron
The proper super pi ...
Opteron at 2.6ghz
Opteron at 2.6ghz...
My old racebike cleaned and brushed : )
 btw this is italian DM (not china shit) 

Specs: BZM 40cc engine 14mm SHA carb (beacause the rules) 
Racing crank/reeds,  6 port cylinder, racing cylinder head + pressure palotila, racing syyläri, BZM light waterpump, matris steering damper/fully adjustable, Magnesium rims and aluminium keskiöt , BZM racing 3shoe clutch, Jollymoto factory exhaust

Topspeed 120kmh -> 
acceleration 0-60kmh --> 5seconds 
Power 15hp

I raced with this season and won all 10 races (2 starts per weekend) 

FOR SALE 3000e . you get special tools and alot of tires and 3 sets of rims
My old racebike clea...
My new noctua fan..
My new noctua fan.....
Cleaned all the wiremess caused by sound damppening stuff.
Cleaned all the wire...
Whats wrong with this image?
mitä vikaa tässä on?
Whats wrong with thi...
I changed the fan of the power supply to a Red led version. 

Dont worry about the HDD i fixed its position after this photo.
I changed the fan of...
minun uusi koteloni 

kiitos Yoshille.
minun uusi koteloni ...