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Age: 29
Location: vesilahti

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Uploaded: 09.09.2008 20:30

pertti85 - my desk

my desk

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25.10.2008 21:23 whitemindedThat case reminds me about my own case.. (freaking fujitsu siemens scaleo)..::P
09.09.2008 22:04 jurbeI was thinking to put it behind the case (On the other side of case).
09.09.2008 21:59 pertti85why not behind the monitor?
09.09.2008 21:54 jurbeI was thinking that :D I could put something like that when i get the new computer, but not behind the monitor..
09.09.2008 21:54 Heikki63The hole room is blue when computer is turned on! Thatīs nice :D
09.09.2008 21:52 pertti85two clodcathodes..:D 1x10cm and 1x30cm
09.09.2008 21:35 jurbeThis is nice! Do you have leds behind your monitor?