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Age: 29
Location: vesilahti

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Age: 29
Location: Finland, vesilahti

Title: marks
Created: 07.09.2008 22:23

my 3dmark03 record without overclocking. 
not so good.

ATI HD 4870
intel core2 duo E8200
g-skill 4gb 800mhz
Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI
500gb HDD samsung
my 3dmark03 record w...

Title: case project
Created: 03.01.2008 15:43

someone other can do like this case, i can't do it.
I stop this projekt.
This case is too feedle becose I have used plastic too much.
someone other can do...
new case plan.
new case plan....

Title: screen
Created: 11.12.2007 16:00

with screen
with screen...
without screen.
without screen....
new base of my screen. full  of scratchs..:D
new base of my scree...

Title: cases/computers
Created: 18.09.2007 16:13


ATI HD4870
intel core2 duo E8200 with achilles cooler. not overclocked yet.
2x2gb 800mhz g-skill
Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI
500gb HDD samsung
xp home edition
little closer..:D
little closer..:D...
I made hole to my coolrermaster.. 
vote and comment
I made hole to my co...
my Amilo

intel Core 2 centiro duo processor (2.0Ghz)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300
2gb ddr2
200gb HDD
1.3mpix webcam
15.4" screen. 
windows vista home premium
my Amilo
my "new" computer.:D ugly :/

CPU: amd athlon 64 3500+ (2.2ghz)
memory: 1.5gb RAM (2x512mb+2x256mb)
Graphics Card: ATi Radeon X550 400MHz - 256MB DDR SDRAM - PCI Express x16
HDD: 240gb (160gb+80gb)
my "new" c...
my first casemod
my first casemod...
random fix with potkis..:D
random fix with potk...

Title: hardware
Created: 26.08.2007 10:31

Lol I bought 8400gs for my second computer
Lol I bought 8400gs ...
some new hardware..:D
some new hardware..:...
new hardware..

Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI  motherboard
intel core2 duo E8200 processor
BeQuiet 550w power
4gb Gskill 800mhz RAM

I buy new graphics card when I have money..;)
new hardware.....
new led fan..:D
new led fan..:D...

Title: desks..:D
Created: 26.08.2007 10:30


Screens: 24" and 19" turned sideways
keyboard: sidewinder, mouse: x7
amplifier: onkyo tx-sr307  5.1
laptop:  Samsung NC10
my desk
my desk
my screen stand at night..:D
and my new keyboard and mouse..:D
table is not so clean
my screen stand at n...

My desk.
ajat ovat muutuneet..:D
ajat ovat muutuneet....
tässä pitäis mahtua väsäämään..

my modding desk..:D
tässä pitäis mahtua ...

Default album
I blew it by myself..:D
I blew it by myself....
power led testing for my new case..:D
power led testing fo...
led circle..:D
led circle..:D...
I made stand for my laptop. Now I can keep it on my legs or on bed. New stand breathe better than normal table.

sorry about bad picture quality.
I made stand for my ...