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Age: 64
Location: McAlpin, FL



Title: Mid-Century Modern
Created: 11.09.2010 19:51
One of those projects you either love or hate.
A design blog challenged me to build something in the Mid-Century Modern style. This is my response. It is inspired by the TV show Mad Men and a Danish-designed 1960's desk I found on ebay. It's OK to hate it. The design blog loves it :) There doesn't seem to be any room in between. What do you think?
A design blog challe...
Natural Red Oak finished in Danish Oil and semi-gloss lacquer.
Natural Red Oak fini...
The grill is made from 92 pieces of wood glued together in 3 layers. The background is woven cane speaker cloth.
The grill is made fr...
Up angle
Up angle
Side view
Side view
A stock Silverstone micro ATX case that I cut openings in the top and bottom to align with the shells vent openings.
A stock Silverstone ...