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Got ram?
Got ram?
Sonera's tuning sticker on my Asus eee
Sonera's tuning stic...
BSOD(blue screen of death) with a broken ram shared for gpu = blue matrix screen of death
BSOD(blue screen of ...
Intel Pentium Pro 200Mhz, a server CPU
Intel Pentium Pro 20...
My workshop/server room at the warehouse
My workshop/server r...
Xbox controller ports in little ex-transformer box.
-Two half meters usb-wires do the connecting to pc.
-B-plugs from cables are partially cutted and carved so cables can stand some pulling...
Xbox controller port...
Remember this?

This is my new alternative cover for my enclosery. Easy to switch, I love those thumb screws. Currently runnig with 80mm 12V@5V fan with finger grill.
Remember this?...
External 5.25" USB-IDE enclosery with IDE swap bay

Rear double on-off (+5V & +12V )switch paypassed with two relays and single line key switch(that original switch on the bay). So what's the point?
How to swap, BEFORE:
*Turn off the rear switch (hard to reach)
*Turn off the bay (only to release the drive)
*Swap the HD
*Turn on the bay and lock the HD
*Turn on the rear switch(only way to make it detect the HD)
*Turn off the bay
*Swap the HD
*Turn on the bay(detecting!)

There are also pins for external led on ide-adapter board so I plug bays power led into those pins.
External 5.25" ...